Fennel, cabbage and tomatoes.


The perfect products for a delicious cabbage with tomatoes and fennel :)

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The School of Good Taste for Kids

On Saturday 18th of June, we took part with PAMSO in culinary workshops organized by The School of Good Taste for Kids as a part of The Festival of Good Taste. We prepared delicious fruits that we treated to our guests. The workshops were led by finalists of the MasterChef Junior – Natalia Pażdzior and Luiza Baaziz.

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The Festival of Good Taste

Tomorrow at 11.00 we would like to invite you to OFF Piotrkowska Center where you can see The School of Good Tast for Kids with participation of finalists of the Master Chef Junior. Young chefs will prepare delicacies and all observers/participants will be treated with tasty treat from Zjazdowa Market and Pamso.

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Ł.R.H. Zjazdowa S.A.

Łódź, ul. Budy 4
tel. 42 650 87 02

Working hours

Trading halls open in the 4 - 14.
Technical break: from 10 am Saturday to 6 oclock on Sunday.
Farmers market open 24 hours a day with the exception of technical break.